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Project Portfolio Management
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You might have spent millions deploying front-office (CRM) and back-office (ERP) systems. Still, you have automated for about 40% of the average cost of doing business. The remaining 60%, that represents your capacity to execute your company's engagements and the people likely to make them happen, might be under-managed. Have you looked at core departments covering your mid-office like:

  • information technology
  • research and development
  • professional services
  • marketing
  • corporate development & governance ?

In these areas, MoonHart Consult is advocating productivity improvement partly through system automation. Our attention is focused on the way organizations are:

  • managing business opportunities and setting up priorities
  • accordingly running portfolios of programs and projects
  • assigning critical, expensive and constrained resources as well as planning capacity, consistently, with strategical objectives
  • stimulating collaborative environments
  • developing workflow, document management, and process alignment
  • deriving metrics amongst others on engagement estimation, accounting and financials
  • offering consolidated knowledge and visibility through wide information & intelligence dissemination.

We concentrate on the following type of applications:


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